Friday, February 21, 2014

First NSA-proof phone already on the market

Believe it or not, the first NSA-proof phone is on the market for years, and it is called Secfone, not Blackphone. It was not available for public for a long time - only for governments and military organizations -, but as of 2013 it can be ordered from BeSure Europe LLP. It was announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona in 2013.

This is the only solution that we have enough information about to claim it to be NSA-proof or rather eavesdrop-proof.

How can Secfone protect mobile conversations?

Secfone is the only solution on the market that implements triple-level protection. Triple-level protection means the protection of communication, encryption keys and smartphone. Leaving any level out makes the encryption solution vulnerable and easy to tap. For example encryption software on iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones can not protect the smartphone itself, since these smartphones have proprietary operating systems. We had no information how these operating systems work until Snowden released the NSA documents. These documents prove that iPhone and BlackBerry has a backdoor. The backdoor called DROPOUTJEEP, and provides direct access to the smartphone's microphone and camera. This makes these smartphones a personal bug.

Protection of communication - Level 1

Secfone protects the communication with unique implementation of assymetric encryption. Using non-standard implementation is inevitable. Standards define the methods of cracking - they provide enough information to crack the keys. Encryption cracking software and hardware appliances are designed and optimized to crack standard encryptions.

Read the implementation (patent description only for experts!)

Protection of encryption keys - Level 2

Encryption keys can not be protected on any smartphone, especially not with encryption software. Keys can be protected only in a special hardware, called Trusted Platform Modul or cryptochip. This hardware is designed to generate, manage and use encryption keys. It is unreadable by design, and there is no known method for getting the encryption keys out of it.

Protection of smartphone - Level 3

The solution have to protect the smartphone itself too. It means that no software can access the smartphone's microphone and camera during calls. Secfone monitors the microphone during the calls, detects the malicious software that tries to access it, and handles the situation.


NSA-proof phone will never come from US or any other world-power. Think it over...

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  1. is it? is it really protected from government or other snooping?

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