Friday, November 15, 2013

Years old technology sold to Germany heavily overpriced - BlackBerry z10s

I read the news that Germany decided to buy 5000 BlackBerry z10s for 2500 € apiece for encrypted mobile communication ( They were told that this is a brand new technology, and was first seen at Cebit 2013. The technology - in nutshell - is that they use cryptochip integrated on microSD card for storing and using encryption keys during mobile communication. You can put this microSD criptochip into BlackBerry z10 (SecuSmart's solution for governmental use).

Well, we are far away from truth...

The technology is not new. It debuted at Cebit Hannover, but years ago. And not by SecuSmart... Secfone, a startup company launched in 2006, introduced the first implementation of microSD criptochip mobile encryption, and is selling its solution for companies and governments for years.

Secfone's solution is not tight to any smartphone brand (unlike SecuSmart's solution, that was sold to German government). It can be used with most of the new smartphones (smartphone whitelist).

German government bought the BlackBerry z10s for 2500 € apiece. However, you can get Secfone microSD cryptocard for 300 €. If you do not want to have your own managing servers, than for another 55 €/ month you can use Secfone's infrastructure. So it is really affordable for governmental institutes with smaller budget, to multinational companies, or even to smaller companies.

And the best at the end. Secfone provides higher security level based on a patent it uses (Patent No WO2005083972 A1).


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  1. I was huge fan of blackberry but over the period of time, I lost my interest in it. Btw thanks for sharing information about german technology with us.