Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snowden killed all iPhone encryptions

If you use encryption software on your iPhone and you paid for it, than you paid for illusion not for security. Thanks to Snowden and security researcher Jacob Appelbaum now the entire World knows the magic word DROPOUTJEEP and the meaning of it.

DROPOUTJEEP is a spyware program developed by NSA that runs on iPhone, and provides access to almost everything. It can intercept SMS messages, can read the contact lists, locate the iPhone based on cell tower data, and the best part is, it can turn on the camera and the microphone, and can listen to any conversation. It can even be deployed remotely.

According to leaked documents NSA claims 100% success rate on iOS devices. It is impossible to reach 100%, unless you have access to a backdoor. Of course Apple denies that it helped NSA to build iPhone's backdoor, but it does not change anything. It does not change the 100% success rate.

How DROPOUTJEEP impact encryption softwares on iPhone?

Now come the bad news. It is well known for the industry experts that purely software-based mobile encryption solutions can not secure any communication. Now things are going bad to worse. No encryption solution can protect your communication on iPhone. Not even hardware based solutions.

Since DROPOUTJEEP can manage the microphone of the iPhone, it listens to the conversation BEFORE any encryption takes place. Your software or hardware solution can even use military-grade 4096 bit encryption keys, it provides zero security if you use it on iPhone. If you use Gold Lock, Silent Circle, Zfone, Crypttalk, Cellcrypt, Kryptos, Secustar or any other encryption software on iPhone and you still need secure mobile communication, consider just deleting your app.

Time to reconsider what you think about encryption software and iPhone security.


The good news is you still can have secure mobile communication. Avoid iPhone and BlackBerry, use open source operating system. Choose cryptochip (hardware) based encrypted mobile communication solution with triple-level protection. Triple level protection keeps any unauthorized process to access your phone's microphone.

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